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COVID Digital KICK (Knowledge Information Content Kiosk) 

Developing an information sharing framework for public awareness and advocacy for Coronavirus prevention.


About the Project


The Institute for Policy, Advocacy, and Governance (IPAG), with support from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC), Canada undertook a public awareness campaign on COVID-19 with the project COVID Digital KICK (Knowledge Information Content Kiosk). The project studied and analyzed COVID-19 related information on key areas affecting the region and then disseminated information and raise awareness among the 1.8 billion people residing in this region. The goal was to make them better informed and well equipped to respond to this pandemic. 

Under the framework, 10 important topics were identified and audio visuals were created on each of these topics. The contents were customized according to the South Asian context and then shared and promoted through social media. The contents had been developed in 15 of the most commonly spoken languages across the 8 South Asian countries to ensure that it reached the intended audience in mediums and languages that they understand. The objective of the project was to create and promote short curated content on COVID-19, customized to South Asian locations and languages, for multiple social media channels and languages.

Audio Visuals on COVID-19 

We have identified the following 10 themes based on the areas that COVID-19 has had its most significant impacts on.

1. English.jpg

Community Resiliency

2. English.jpg

COVID-19 & Mental Health
A Silent Crisis during Quarantine

3. English.jpg

Gender-Based Violence
A shadow Pandemic during COVID-19

4. English.jpg

Being Productive during Lockdowns
Tips for Children, Student & Parents

5. English.jpg

COVID-19 and Changes in the Workplace
Living in the New Normal

6. English.jpg

Food for Thought
Healthy Eating Habits during COVID-19

7. English.jpg

Lessons from COVID-19
Building a Better Immunity System

8. English.jpg

Surviving COVID-19
The Struggle of Small & Medium Enterprises

9. English.jpg

Changing with the Pandemic
Safe Practices for a Cleaner Environment

10. English.jpg

Sustainability in a Post-Pandemic World

Video Statistics

Total Reach

60 million


97, 000

Total Views

20 million

Total Hours


COVID Global

Phase I: COVID-19 Myths vs. Realities

IPAG is one of the very few international think tanks that has moved quickly in globally disseminating research & evidence-based information to raise awareness about COVID-19. At Phase I, on March 26, 2020, IPAG launched an Audio-Visual (AV) highlighting 15 key myths that were globally circulating on coronavirus and debunking myths to factual evidence. The objective was to equip people with correct information so that they can effectively respond to the quickly spreading disease.

Phase II: COVID-19 Global Best Practices

In Phase II, on May 23, 2020, IPAG developed an AV on COVID-19 responses by countries globally recognized for their efficiency. IPAG identified successful responses on COVID-19 by countries like South Korea, New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland, and Vietnam and then shared the best practices globally through the social media platforms.

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